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Strong and Weak Acids.apkg (16.6 KB)

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I found someone else’s public anki cards. THESE ARE NOT MINE, I am just sharing a found resource from ancient threads on Reddit. (LOL)

I thought I’d bring them here in case anyone else wanted them.

I guess your software thinks they’re too big, so I copied them to drive and here’s the share link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18uvrN2yBs7iMrsOfkRu6PLVIcxEhC-jL?usp=sharing

Thank you Manelly! I recommend creating a stand-alone thread for it so everyone will see it!

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[Censored by Ari]

this one I recently posted on pinterest as well

Please don’t post self-ad, only drive links to Anki

Oops sorry. I’ll take care in future .thanku