IMAT 2017 Q1 1 [Argument | Trawling]

Next week the European Parliament will vote on whether to ban trawling, a method of fishing that involves pulling large fishing nets behind boats. The fishing industry is opposed to a ban and has argued strongly against it. Trawling is not as damaging to ecosystems as environmentalists claim. Trawling the seabed doesn’t always create ‘dead zones’ in the ocean. It can boost fish numbers, since the species that are more resistant to the effects of trawling can proliferate. So trawling on flat sandy beds in shallow areas can benefit marine life.

Which one of the following, if true, most weakens the above argument?

A. Trawling creates new habitats by making parts of the sea more habitable.

B. Trawling in deep waters is expensive and an ineffective use of fishing resources.

C. Trawling in shallow waters can damage the bottom of fishermen’s boats.

D. Trawling in shallow waters can alter the ecology in beneficial ways.

E. Trawling nets have a destructive impact on many endangered species.