IMAT 2021 Question 7

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Q7) Simon plans to send Christmas cards to 35 friends. He is going to choose a single design to
send to them all and knows that some of the recipients really do not like glitter cards so he will
not buy this type. He wants 2-fold cards so that he can write a letter on the inside for 5 of them.
The following table shows the possibilities that he is considering.

question 7
What is the lowest amount of money that Simon could spend on his cards?

A) £9.75
B) £5.00
C) £12.40
D) £12.60
E) £6.0

Hi! I can’t see the table but for the technique you can go through the information and cross out the cards that do not fit his criteria. Then find the lowest amount for each type and add them up to find the answer :)) try that

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The answer is letter C.

By the information given in the text, we know that he will only buy 2-fold cards, with NO glitter. This leaves us with only 2 options: either the “religious” one or the “father xmas”.

He needs to buy 35 cards.
The religious pack comes with 5 cards, and each pack costs 1.80 EUR
35 divided by 5 = 7 packs. 7 x 1.80 = 12.60 EUR

One pack of the father xmas comes with 10 cards, and each pack costs 3.10 EUR
35 divided 10 = 3.5 (but he cannot go to the store and ask them for 3 packs and a half, right? He has to buy 4 packs). 4 x 3.10 = 12.40 EUR

So the answer is letter C

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