A qs about glial cells

Why it is mentioned that satellite cells are damaged in anyway? Is it because that the satellite cells fully cover some specifice parts of the axon so they seem to be more at risk of injury?

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maybe it should be “in case they are damaged in any way”, and this would refer to their protective role for the neurons - they protect the neurons in case of potential damage.

The main takeaway should be that they cover the outside of neuron cell bodies, and have 2 major roles: providing nutrients and protection. There are also some regeneration roles.


Thank you so much!
And in case they are damaged in anyway they are able to repair themselves; right?

Satellite cells are multipotent, which means they can proliferate and turn into various types of cells, notably muscle cells because they play a role in muscle development and regeneration.

Now your question: can they repair themselves?

They can proliferate into themselves or specialize. So they can repair themselves by dividing into new satellite cells. The neurons they are surrounding are a different story, neurones cant always regenerate. The satellite cell role in regeneration and remodelling is mostly in muscles