About logic question

commercial airplanes going from A to b need to deviate around any thunderstorms they encounter on their flight path. Every time an airplane goes around the storm. 30 minutes are added to its flight time.On the flight radar zones are designated Green zone Redzone due to a problem radars on the red zone display one additional store down there actually is. airsky uses jet airlines, and the flight takes one-hour, goways uses propeller planes and its flight takes two hours if Anna prefers jet travel and wants to get two points b as soon as possible which of the following flights should she prefer?

a. airsky red zone, 3 storms expected
b. airsky green zone, 3 storms expected
c. goways, red zone 1 storms expected
d. goways greenzone 1 storm expected
e. airsky redzone, 4 storms expected

the answer is A but I found B
can someone check

the question is worded poorly
she prefers jet travel so we can rule out option C) and D)
for A) red zone so having 3 expected storms means the flight will only encounter 1,5 storms on their journey since the red zone radars don’t work well
for B) green zone so the flight will encounter 3 storms
for E) red zone so the flight will encounter 2 storms

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