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Hello @AriHoresh
Students who are not from Italy but have a residence in Italy (EU students)
Do they need to pre-enroll for universities like Pavia, Messina, and Turin?

Hey! As far as I know, Turin do require students who live in Italy to pre enroll from May 1st University of Turin Medicine Entry Requirements: Study in Italy in English - EnterMedSchool
The other two, I didn’t see any pre-enrollment open or announced yet.

Hi Ari,

I’d like to follow up on this post - on the link that you shared (this one), I don’t understand this part:

*This call is reserved to European applicants and non-EU applicants legally residing in Italy . If you apply without this prerequisite, your application will not be considered and no refund will be issued.

Could you please elaborate? Does that mean non-EU applicants requiring visa to enter Italy won’t be allowed to apply to Turin this year?