Acids and bases

I’m rewatching the lesson with acids and bases because I’m still confused about this and Ari said if we increase temperature we will have more protons but same amount of hydroxide ions which means pH will be lower but the acidity will not change at all. I don’t understand this, if we have more protons doesn’t it mean we have less hydroxide ions? (I tried to find the answer on my own with AI help and this is what I found) And how does the acidity stays the same? Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Hey! I will review it again this Monday.

basically because we have a higher temperature we will have higher concentration of H+ in the water because more will dissociate but the amount of HO-/hydrogen acceptors AND H+ is supposed to be the same(correct me if im wrong because im not 100% sure that what i remember from the class)