Alpha test biology

Hey​:wave:, can someone please explain why liver is not part of the immune system? Thanks ahead :ok_woman:t2:!


it seems that the question is asking for the simplest answer not the most factually accurate.
This is my try at the question:
A) C) and E) are pretty straightforward.

for D): the appendix is a reservoir for good gut bacteria AND helps B lymphocytes mature. it’s also part of the lymphatic organs (bone marrow, thymus, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes, walls GI, appendix)

for B): the liver does have some role, producing prothrombin and globulin that are needed for coagulation (role immune system not immune response!), C reactive proteins for inflammation (role in immune response), and kupffer cells that are resident macrophages.
Are we expected to know this for the IMAT? Most likely not, i think they expect more basic answers and knowledge of physiology.

(Also if you got confused with the detoxifying role of the liver, it’s to break down drugs, alcohol, lipid hormones etc NOT pathogens, detox is not a function of the immune system)

I hope i answered your question?


Hey, Thank you so much for the detailed answer❤️! This helps a lot🥰