Amino acid question

The correct answer is c but I don’t understand it. Can someone help me please ?


A) True, non polar amino acids are hydrophobic
B) True, they are hydrophobic, so when the protein folds into a tertiary structure in water (which is a polar solvent), the non polar amino acids will be repelled and kept in the core of the protein structure, as far away from the water as possible.
C) False, polar amino acids are hydrophilic so they will be on the outside of the folded protein as it is attracted to the water.
D) True, acidic amino acids will give a H⁺ to the solution, leaving them with a negative charge.
E) True, basic amino acids will ionize, they will form ionic bonds with other amino acids in the protein, which will help hold its tertiary structure.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any questions!

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You are an asset for the community, thank you!

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