Ari's Summer Class Important Poll

Hey everyone! Please let me know which one you prefer, this one is important so please take your time and think about it @ari-student-2022

Live classes or Recorded lessons? Which one do you prefer, considering both the videos and the live classes will have the same QnA-type questions?
  • I prefer to get a PDF with the questions we were going to tackle during the live classes anyway, but have multiple prerecorded videos I can watch where I can choose which videos to watch based on questions I couldn’t solve during my free time, to maximize my personal efficiency.
  • I prefer to get the PDF at the beginning of the lesson and solve all of the questions with all of the people in the class during a live lesson at the same time, instead of watching the videos in my free time and solving the questions in my free time (Based on the previous poll, the live lessons were expected to be at 18:00 CET)

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Please notice that either if it will be live or prerecorded - we will have the same exact content and the same questions during these QnAs, please choose what you prefer, live lessons where we solve everything or study on your own at your own pace and free time.