Ask University Students of Parma (Q/A) Sunday June 26th 2022 (14:00 Rome Time GMT+2) RECORDING POSTED BELOW

Hi everyone!

My name is Cole and I am currently a medical student at the University of Parma in the new English course. Alongside my friend Alon, we plan to host a live google meet where you can have a chance to ask some questions about the program and the University. This meeting will be independent of the University and we will give our personal views on the course, city (Piacenza), and everything else you need to make your decision.

Here is a link to a google form so you can submit your questions early. The chat will be open but if time is limited then we will prioritize the responses to the form.

I would like to emphasize that this is NOT for any IMAT questions, but rather for questions on the specific course.

The meeting will be held on Sunday June 26th, 2022 @ 14:00 Rome time (GMT+2) and will last around an hour.
We will publish the meeting link soon in the form, so make a note and check back on Sunday!


Hey everyone! Important post over here! @ari-student-2022 @trust_level_0 @trust_level_1 @trust_level_2 @trust_level_3


Hi, where can we find the google meet link?

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Hi Christine, I will post the link either tonight or tomorrow, we are just choosing whether with will stick with google meet or switch to something a bit better. Before Sunday morning you will have everything you need posted here!


Just wanted to give an update, We will be posting the link at 1pm Rome time June 26th (1 hour before the meeting). Feel free to reply to this thread for any other questions

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Where I can find the link for the meeting?

It is the zoom link at the top of this post,

let me know if you cannot find it

Password is there as well

Unable to join the meeting if you kindly upload the recording of that meeting.

Here is the link to the meeting recording:

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