Biochemistry question

If the question was asking if this structure is a glucose or B glucose what would be the correct answer?

I doubt they will ever ask you this kind of question because you don’t have any reference other than the picture.
Remember to, first of all, always count the length of the carbon chain.
I am not sure which exam it is from, but on the IMAT exam, you are also expected to memorize a few carbohydrate molecules, as I mentioned in my study planner.


Thank you…
Can you tell me where did you mention them in your study planner or what should i search so as to find that part in the study planner?

I will upload a new planner soon which should replace the rest, it will contain the molecules to memorize.

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@AriHoresh the new planner is for your imat summer course?

It will be public, but will be release first for my class

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@AriHoresh can’t wait to see it !