Biology Section

What do you guys think that are the most high-yield topics in Anatomy for IMAT?

Hi! According to the IMAT specifications - “The animal tissues. Anatomy and physiology of systems in humans and their interactions. Homeostasis.”

I believe we should know about multiple organ systems and how hormones can affect each organs: eg: menstrual cycle, when blood sugar level is low. It’s also good to really understand the kidney as I’ve seen a lot of questions on that and the heart and muscles (sarcoplasmic reticulum too). The digestive system and the role of enzymes in each part of the system as well as the immune response is also super important too. All in all it’s good to know about every system, including the brain and how to identify each lobe and their roles. I believe the only thing that is out of our IMAT scope is bones and joints (although it’s good to know the basics)