Biology - Tissues and Organs

I was solving question 32 from IMAT 2018 and I’m wondering if anyone knows exactly which tissues and organs/structures one should learn for the IMAT? (Aside from epithelial tissues since I know there is already a lesson on that.)

It’s best to know about all organ and organ systems and their function within the body. Especially the feedback systems and hormones that influence the systems when there are any stimuli/changes in the environment. And yes it’s definitely important to know all types of tissue, such as connective tissue (components of blood and their functions), muscle tissue (sarcomere and steps when the muscle contracts) and nervous tissue, the synapse, depolarisation of a neutron and the parasympathetic/sympathetic pathways within the CNS. All the notes are provided in the text lessons and the video lessons. It’s best to also note the names of enzymes involved too!