Blood and oxygen

a group of students prepared two containers. one of them contained water while the other contained blood. both of them were exposed to the air for a few hours. upon examination, the blood was found to contain many times more air than water.

which of the following best explains the reason for this?

A. water is not a good solvent
B. the blood has been oxidized
C. there is an oxygen precipitating molecule in the blood
D. oxygen molecules have been taken up by erythrocytes
E. hemoglobin is converted to oxyhemoglobin


A) false
B) false, when blood is oxidized the RBC endure oxidative stress that makes them less functional so they would bind less to O2
C) true, it’s hemoglobin, if the RBC have high PaCO2 and air high PaO2 there would be gas exchange
D) and E) are true BUT they don’t explain how the O2 went from the air to the blood container which is what the question is asking for

Hope this helps!