BMAT 2005 Biology Q

The mark scheme answer is D but I don’t understand how that’s the main reason. Isn’t emphysema caused by lack of oxygen transported (breathlessness)?


google tells me D) rupture of alveoli is the main cause of emphysema

for A): lower oxygen transport would yes cause shortness of breath but it’s main symptom would be dizziness, feeling weak and tired just like when you’re anemic (= low red blood cell count, so = low oxygen transport)

i hope this clears some things up for you


Oh okay because I went through a crackBMAT which is a site that explains BMAT answers and it says that Emphysema is a condition in which lungs and air sacs are damaged, causing breathlessness.
Breathlessness is caused by shortage of oxygen.

and D is wrong because it mentions that coughing ruptures the alveoli and coughing is not a main symptom of emphysema, difficulty breathing is.

So I have no idea which is actually right haha

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sorry coughing is not the main CAUSE of it

Emphysema is the condition which occurs when the alveoli becomes damaged, so their surface area is reduced. only option D is mentioning alveoli so, it can be the answer.
Also option A is completely true in general about smoking as Hb having more affinity for monoxide will reduce oxygen carriage but it’s not something related to emphysema or it’s effect that’s why i think we can disregard this option in terms of what question is asking about.
Hope it helps:)


yes this helps thank you! It’s an old paper too so maybe that’s why there’s confusion too :))

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