BMAT 2005 Q12 Biology

Hey guys, can someone explain this question to me, i am always confused in this topic. Appreciate it

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answer is B)

i believe ciliary muscles contract to see up close stuff (so they relax here)
to see far the lens is less convex
(i confuse concave and convex, convex = light entering the eye encounters more round lens)
to make the lens less convex the suspensory ligaments need to tighten

hope this helps!!!


Yep same the eye lenses are converging in nature and to see far we need less convergence and thus the suspensory ligaments tighten to see faraway.


hello! :two_hearts:Just a quick tip to memorize this, hope this helps!
when I think about the lens, I thing about hugs. Imagine that the lens want to reach or give a hug to something the eye is seeing. Sounds weird but somehow it works for me HAHA.
Ok, so I mean this:
If the lens sees something far away, it wants to elongate to “reach” it
If the lens sees something near, it wants to be wider so that it can give a big warm hug :ok_woman:, (but this one is not necessary, by only memorizing the other one, you can figure out this one)
About the suspensory ligament, after understanding the previous trick, it’s all about logic. If the lens elongates, then the ligament must contract (if not, it can’t be thinner).
And well, for the ciliar body, I just remember that it’s the opposite to the suspensory ligament (if the suspensory ligament is contracted, then the ciliar body is relaxed, and viceersa)
I wish you the best! :low_brightness:


this is amazing, thank you Aizza!! now I will never forget after your memorization trick :heart_decoration:

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