BMAT 2015 Q18 chemistry

I am struggling with understand of D and E. I already saw Ari video.
This reaction is exothermic. Do The amount of W and X
decrease when increasing the temperature?


the reaction isn’t at equilibrium yet
so increasing the temperature favors the reaction, it would increase the rate of formation of W and X

i don’t think we can see a change from monitoring gas volume as both the left and right side have gas components and they have the same coefficients?


Hey guys,
since it’s an open system, what happens if we add more S?
a shift to the right? or maybe we need to add both S and T to shift to the right?

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We need both S and T. If we add just S, there will be more products UNTIL T becomes limiting then excess S will be present and it wouldn’t become the products. More of both reagents would give more products :))