BMAT 2017 Section 1 Q31


How should I solve this solve this question? The correct answer is D.

We know there are 6 in a circle, and we also know the favourite sports of the people on the left and right of every person, that means you can also figure out that David sits 2 seats to the left of Jess and Eli sits 2 seats to the right of Jess. This eliminates 2 options quite quickly.

The last sentence holds weight, we also are given the info of the friends sitting opposite to everyone but also we know that Jess shares one common interest with friends on either side.
Their interests: C&R to her Left, and F&G to her right so her interests will be one of the sports from each pair. Using the 3rd column we can see that the person sitting opposite George has an interest in Golf and Rugby, fitting this criteria. So its D, George.

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