BMAT 2019 Q21 -Biology

Hey guys can someone explain to me why statement 1 is true? Because I found it wrong by doing:

if one codon is stop codon (no amino acid) then it is 500-3=497
one amino acid= 3 bases
497/3=165,6 which must be less then 166 amino acids
so the maximum number is 165

@Juliette has already solved it in one of the posts.
You can search it down :slight_smile:

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thanks, i read it now. but still it doesn’t make sense to me, statement 1 feels deficient

I think why they haven’t subtracted the start and stop codon because this question tells us about the protein section they are not telling us that the entire protein is made up of 500 base pairs might be this entire protein is made up of 1000 b.p and even more than that we simply can’t conclude that and as they are talking about a certain section we can’t surely say it contains the start codon or stop codon as it’s not terminated yet.
Hope this helps:)

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yes you are right, we cant say it is terminated yet. thanks for the explanation @Ujjwal