BMAT 2019 - Q24 Bearings


please does anyone know how to solve this?


i had no idea what a bearing was, here’s a quick video if anyone is curious: GCSE Maths - What are Bearings? #118 - YouTube

First we need to place north on the top angle of the pentagon (110° is the angle from the north that the runners will turn to follow the third leg)
to have an angle of 110° we must have north as a vector facing the top right corner of the exam paper

We now know towards where points north

bring the north vector to the start point to find the bearing for the first leg
from north and going clockwise till we hit the line of the first leg we have an angle in the 320’s

Given we don’t have a protractor i have no idea how they expect us to tell between G) and H)


Thank you for the great link !!!

Is option D the answer?

Hi Juliette!

Thanks a lot for the response. I was also wondering how can we tell whether the answer is G or H, because we know it must be close to 360° as we are turning almost a full circle towards the bearing of the first leg.

H is the correct answer apparently.

I also checked the worked solutions of the BMAT paper and they’re allowed to use a protractor for the exam to get the result after marking north on the points.

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Hi @DariusDuhan this is how i eventually found 326°, i hope it’s clear enough


This is awesome! Thank you so much for the detailed explanation Juliette!