Bmat 2021 problem solving technique

A bus is travelling at 60 mph towards its final destination which is 180 miles away.

At the same time, a bird starts flying from the final destination towards the bus, at a speed of 20 mph. When the bird reaches the bus, it turns around and flies back towards the final destination, and then flies back towards the bus. It keeps doing this until the bus reaches the final destination.

It took a very long time to answer this question. I have seen similar questions pop up through the papers - is there a formulaic way to solve this?

Hi , What is it that they are asking ?

Assuming that the bus doesn’t stop, maintains a constant speed, and that no time is lost during each turnaround, how far does the bird fly to the nearest 10 miles?

if the trip takes 3 hours it means that the bird will fly for 3 hours , so 3*20 =60 miles

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