BMAT Logic Question

I pay for 2 chocolate bars that cost £1.65 each with a £5 note. I receive 8 coins change, only 3 of which are the same.
Which TWO coins do I not receive in my change?

  1. 1p 2. 2p 3. 5p 4. 10p 5. 20p 6. £2 7. £1

Answer is E and F. I can’t solve this one. Please explain this to me

There is something wrong with this question.

You have 7 types of coins.
If you have 3 of the same types and you exclude 2 types - as “the answer” suggests - then there is 4 types left which you must have only one single from each in your change. You will always end up in having 7 coins in your change which violates the 8-coins information given in the question!
Meaning, impossible to solve.
Typical BMAT question errors, if it is from a book and not from official test papers!

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