BMAT Prep Math Question

Hi, I think I’m missing something simple in this question. Could someone explain how they solved it? It’s Q2.232 from the BMAT 700 book and the answer is D. Thanks in advance!

If x>5000, which of the following is the value closest to x/(2x+1)?

A. 1/6
B. 1/3
C. 10/21
D. 1/2
E. 3/2

This particular operation/calculation is basically asking us to divide a number by a number one greater that it’s twice and as we know dividing a no. by double it’s value we get 1/2=0.5
so, this operation will more likely give us a value very close to 1/2.
What i mean to say is let’s say we assume a value for X (X=5) let’s keep it a small and easy number which gonna helps us to visualize what’s actually happening here so, putting the value of X in the above operation we have 5/5*2+1=5/11 =0.5=1/2(approx.).

Another and a more longer and complex way would be to take a value above 5000 say 5001 , 5002 etc… and putting that value in the specified operation to get a precise value.
There might be better ways to solve this. If anyone has another way of solving it kindly, share:)
Hope it helps!


Thank you! The answer key writes " x/(2x+1) can be rewritten as 1/(2+1/x). As x becomes larger, the 1/x becomes very small, leaving just 1/2" so that’s another way to solve it but I think your method makes a lot more sense!

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