BMAT question on mitosis

Can someone please explain why A is the answer? Thank you.



The growth of the CELL is not a function of mitosis. Mitosis causes the number of Cells to increase ie growth of the tissue and not the growth of individual cell.

The same logic again would apply to this c option as well. The repair of the tissue is the job for the mitotic cell division not the repair of the individual cells.

This is the logic I used. If someone has a better one please share.


Option 3, the repair of cells confuses me? Would you mind explaining why its not this option as well? I was under the assumptions that mitosis is what is used to repair cells?
I agree with the logic of option 2, that makes sense for me.

That makes sense. Thank you very much!

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Mitosis is the phase before last in a cell’s life cycle (Recall life cycle phases G1+S+G2+M+cytokinesis). Mitosis is used for proliferation of cells in tissues, meaning you increase the number of cells in the tissue for example if a tissue is damaged by burning, you get new skin cells, so you repair your tissue by making new cells and not the cells themselves. Another example is inflammation where immune cells proliferate to combat invading antigens.

Cellular repair happens by diverse intracellular repair mechanisms which typically involve the cell’s cytoskeleton and many enzymatic reactions and components, depending on where in cell the repair is needed. In case the cell cannot repair itself, it chooses to go apoptotic (makes suicide) and its debris will be removed by the immune system or via shedding.


Ah yes this makes alot of sense, thank you!