Bologna's Italian language requirement

I have a question about Bologna’s Italian language test requirement (B1 level) that is mentioned on this website

When during the first year is the language test usually given? Also, is it advisable for a student like me that doesn’t speak Italian to consider going to Bologna, since I would only have a year or less to try to reach a B1 level of Italian before the clerkships start in the second year?

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Hi! Welcome to the community :hugs:

I cannot pinpoint exactly when the exam takes place, but what I can tell you is learning Italian within that year should not be an issue.

The University of Bologna runs Italian language courses at the University Language Centre for international students. I cannot say for certain but I believe these language classes would be either free or uncostly for enrolled students. With this help, as well as being surrounded by Italian speaking residents and classmates in an Italian speaking country- it is certainly achievable.

This should not affect your university choice much, since most of the universities require an Italian language certificate when clinical years begin. For some universities that could be 2nd or 3rd years. So either way you will need to obtain this level of the language, it is just a matter of when.

I hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you so much for the reply!
I have one last question, what happens if you don’t pass the Italian language test?

Well I believe you cannot really go into clinical years till you produce a language certificate, so you wouldn’t theoretically pass the year till you provide proof of your knowledge to the B1 level.

I’m not too sure about the standard procedure though, If you’d like to ask the university itself via email I’m sure they can give you a detailed answer. You’ll find those emails within the same article you’ve read.

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