Books that would be beneficial and easily accessible for preparation

@ColeF1 hi !
I wanted to know some books mainly for gk section if you can suggest some?
This is my weakest part .

HI, I think I answered this privately but I will repeat the answer in case anyone else was curious. GK was also my weakest subject and I studied it quite heavily. What I would have done differently is I would focus on the EU and everything surrounding the EU. I wasted my time studying famous people and their achievements but this is a much lower yield.

To find info about the EU, I would start with youtube videos that have 10-15 min on general overviews, and hopefully, you can score a few extra with this.


Yeah I would go with the eu topics thank you @ColeF1 :+1:t2::handshake:

Also books play important role in preparation so can you suggest any books in general that were really beneficial for you maybe in biology chemistry or physics, or maybe logical reasoning…like anything @ColeF1 ? Please if you can list some

Audiobooks ?:smile_cat: