Cambridge TSA 2013 Q21

I thought the answer might be D, because public are interested in personal lives of sports personalities, therefore, the public would be also be greatly interested to personal lives of politicians and world leaders.

The correct answer is E.

Thank you in advance!

In recent years there has been a great deal of media attention focused on the private lives of politicians and world leaders, with particular attention paid to their personal relationships. There are those who suggest that this attention is unwarranted because only their professional abilities are important to their political role. This attitude fails to consider that the public have little insight into the day-to-day lives of world leaders and, indeed, few points of reference. Personal lives offer common ground. In democratic states leaders are elected based on how the public perceive them, and private lives can offer an insight into an individual’s values. The personal aspects of a politician’s life should continue to be reported if the electorate find it important.

Which one of the following, if true, most strengthens the above argument?
A) All those in the public eye are subjected to media attention.
B) Some politicians have high profile affairs.
C) Attention on their private lives can cause leaders to lose their focus.
D) Many of the public are very interested in the family lives of sports personalities.
E) Most politicians claim to be respectable and honest in all aspects of their lives.


i see what your reasoning is, however the question asks for what strengthens the argument of the text

The media focus on public figures’ lives seems already well established by the author in the first line of the text.

The main argument is that we should continue to pay attention to their lives as it gives us insight on their actual values and not just their public perception.
Since this is one of the main arguments, option E) strengthens it, if most politicians only claim to be respectable, media scrutiny could tell us if it is actually the case