Cambridge TSA 2015 Q30

Hi! Can I please get some information on how to solve this question?
The correct answer is D, but I’m not sure with my reasoning.


each team plays 5 matches * 4 = 20 matches
first let’s see the final score for each team if they win all of their next matches:

East = 31 + 3 * 4 = 43 points
West = 48
North = 31 with total of 15 games won
South = 31 with a total of 13 games won
Top = 39
Bottom = 30

if Top and Bottom win all their next games, they would still loose if East or West also win all their next matches

if East lost all their next matches they would have won a total of 4 games, so if North and South win all their matches they could still beat East and win the league

So the teams that could possibly still have a chance of winning are East West North and South

(note: i don’t think the logic of my answer is 100% solid, but it could be a starting point to find the concrete evidence that only 4 teams still have a chance of winning)

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