Carbohydrate pathway in body

The diagram shows part of the circulatory system.
Which row of the table identifies the blood vessels that best fit the descriptions after eating a carbohydrate-rich meal?

The answer is Row 5, May I know the explanation?


glucose absorption mainly happens in the intestines after the stomach starts the digestion process
the liver breaks down the excess amino acids and that is why it mostly has a higher amount of urine
to be honest Iā€™m not sure about the lowest oxygen but I am guessing maybe the breakdown of AAs or production of the urine is an active process that uses the oxygen faster than the other two organs
let me know if you agree and if I have a mistake:)


Nihan is right! It also has the lowest level of oxygen because more organs/cells ( as you can see the pathway includes intestines and liver) used it up for respiration to produce ATP to function! Intestines use ATP for active transport of nutrients in the villi which there are a countless number of!