Carbonic acid reactions

I try to get a picture in my head of this reactions. Does CO2 first gets dissolved in water, forms H2CO3 and then dissociate by itself in water? Is this the reason that the PH decreases because now we have more hydrogen ions present in the water?

Answer credited to @Asafmen

It’s a weak acid, and its components are actually the main buffer in your cardiovascular system.

However, it all occurs concurrently. It forms carbonate and bicarbonate salts.

It is supposed to dissolve first, in the water, and form the diprotic acid in order to then be dissociated.

It is also found in fizzy drinks, soda, and sparkling water- which is why they are slightly more acidic than water.

To remember:
{CO_2} is considered a non-polar molecule, however, when studying Organic Chemistry we can see that there is a dipole in the Carbon, relative to the Oxygens. Water can become attached to the slight and possible temporary charge regions, and then dissolve Carbon Dioxide. Though this process is not rapid.