Cell division question

Can someone please explain this? The answer is B

@Walina Hi!
We can understand from this shape that B is “S” in the cell cycle. As we know, S stands for DNA synthesis and the DNA is coppied during this stage. So the answer is B. Cause as it’s shown in this shape the stages are consecutive and also the last one is cytokinesis.

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@AriHoresh Hey!
Are there any circumstances in which the duration of each cell cycle phase changes?
As we know S is longer than G2 phase. But can a longer duration of G2 than S be seen within a cell cycle?

It is possible, depending on the type of cell, there are many scenarios where the cell cycle is different.
for example, in cancer sell the M phase can be longer than the rest of the cycle! As these cells rapidly duplicate.
but for the IMAT you should learn the average cell cycle chart that appears in books and you are used to

@AriHoresh thank you so much​:pray:t2::pray:t2: