Cells basis of life question

answer is B
i was not sure whether it should be c or d but I didn’t understand why it’s B


  • at resting potential Na⁺ ions are more concentrated OUTSIDE of the cell and K⁺ ions are more concentrated on the INSIDE of the cell
  • oxygen has nothing to do with membrane potential
  • protein anions cannot cannot leave the cell by diffusion so the contribute to the negative charge within the cell

In a resting potential cell, the inner part is more negative in comparison with the outside.
In resting potential the Na concentration outside is more than the inside, and also the K ions are more concentrated inside than the outside.
As in resting potential there is an electrochemical equilibrium,inside of the cell must have more negative ions than the outside



i read that Cl⁻ is more concentrated outside the cell, is the reason why they don’t diffuse with their concentration gradient within the cell because the protein anions balance out the charge? Or another reason?

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There are many anions besides protein anions. But the important thing is the equilibrium that should be reached.