Centripetal Acceleration_Physics A Level

How do I determine if its centrifugal or centripetal? I know the difference in acceleration points.

Does it have to do with velocity being constant?

Hola buddy . when in a circular motion we tend to experience force in the inward direction due to centripetal acceleration . As far as the centrifugal is concerned it is nothing but our own INERTIA PULLING US OUTWARD . centripetal and centrifugal are not action reaction pairs since they work on same object in motion . Therefore the force is centripetal and acceleration is centripetal only in the above question. Even if it has constant velocity the direction is changing & thus centripetal acceleration changes.

Capito, would you perhaps be able to provide an example of centrifugal acceleration?

one of many examples could be like when we are simply in a car and moving in circular motion . our body always falls opposite to the direction in which car is turned . we fall opposite due to centrifugal force ( which includes centrifugal acceleration as v^2 / r ) as it acts opposite to the centripetal force .

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Capito grazie mille Nico

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