Character of health human cell

Hi, the answer to the question is E
Why are the rest of the sentences are incorrect

A) it is not 23 strands, it should be 23 chromosomes
B) I don’t know the exact scientific reasoning but one cell increase would not make a huge difference in mass overall
C) vasoconstriction occurs in the case of cold, which means it is done for not to lose heat, not for radiation of heat
D) ADH is important for osmoregulation but it is released by the posterior pituitary not anterior
hence, only wrong choice would be E
let me know if you did not understand a part

i think the reason B is wrong is that the increase in mass in cell cycle occurs in the interphase.

Option B is incorrect because:
Immediately after a single cell division by mitosis, there is no significant increase in mass.
While the genetic material is divided between the daughter cells during mitosis, the actual increase in cellular mass occurs during the subsequent “Interphase”, where the cells grow and accumulate the necessary components such as: proteins, lipids, and organelles thus resulting in an increase in mass. Therefore, the immediate result of mitosis is the formation of two daughter cells with similar mass to the parent cell, but not a substantial increase in mass.
Hope this helps:) @nihantokar @Raph