Chemistry acids and bases

which one of the following salts give a neutral solution in water?
b. NH4Cl
c. Ba(NO3)2
d. LiNO2
e. NaClO
answer is C, can someone explain

solution is neutral if we have strong acid + strong base
in aqueous solution we would get:
A) CH3COOH (WA) + Na(OH) (SB) so overall (B)
B) HCl (SA) + NH4OH (WB) so overall (A)
C) Ba(OH)2 (SB) + 2HNO3 (SA) so overall (N)
D) Li(OH) (SB) + HNO2 (WA) so overall (B)
E) NaOH (SB) + HClO (WA) so overall (B)