Chemistry activated complex

the difference between activation energies in forward and reverse reaction, for the reverse reaction is equal to:
A. activated complex
B. zero
C. change in temperature
D. change in internal temperature

I’m not sure I understand this question, is it the full question?

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I think I got it! Someone check with me tho, cause I just guessed using common knowledge

In the case of an exothermic reaction, the activation energy of the forward reaction will always be smaller than the activation energy of the reverse reaction, since heat is released during the reaction, the product will have a lower energy than the reactant, and vice versa for the endothermic.

Is it C? As exothermic releases heat or as endothermic absorbs heat, that temperature change could result in the difference between activation energies.


I think the same! unfortunately i didn’t have an answer key for this test so I couldn’t countercheck this one but your explanation makes sense

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