Chemistry Calculating gas volume question

Hi, I’m having trouble solving this problem.

In the first part of the question (line X), HCl would be 0.1mol, and in the latter part HCL would also be 0.1mol.

Both cases have calcium carbonate chips and they are at the same temperature, and I believe pressure is unknown in this question.

The answer is B, could someone explain the reasoning?

correct me if im wrong but i believe the best possible way to understand this is that we have more substrate in the second one than the first one. which would cause the reaction to shift to the right side more at first until equilibrium is reached. in this case line B makes sense as CO2 concentration gets higher until equilibrium is reached. as the temperature doesn’t change, the equilibrium line wouldn’t change anyways.
hope this helps


Am I missing something here? There shouldn’t be an equilibrium for one-way reactions. This reaction is not reversible, meaning the products don’t react together to form the reactants again. The question even states that there was an excess of calcium carbonate, which means that HCl has ran out and the reaction came to an end.

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hello! so sorry for my mistake I actually did not realize it was not an equilibrium. in this case, i may be wrong so it’s better if someone else explains this question.