Chemistry, IMAT 2020 paper

Hi need help with conversion of the diameter
And the full answer :pray:t2:


C=n/V so n(H2SO4)=0,4 * 0,025=0,01
for every 1 mole of H2SO4, 2 moles of NaOH will react as well
So for every 0,01 mole H2SO4 we need 0,02 moles NaOH
C(NaOH)=0,02/0,04=0,5mol/L :warning: UNIT TRAP
n=m/M so m=0,5 * 40 = 20g
So we have 20g/L

Let me know if my answer isn鈥檛 detailed enough, hope this helps!

Thank you so much ! Really appreciate it
Did you multiply the concentration by the Mw to get the grams ? The 40 in the last sentence is the Mw right

correct 40 is the Mw