Chemistry question equilbria

the answer is D, but i though removing ammonia would make the rxn shift…
can someone explain?

Hi, I did some research!

A. Powdered catalyst = more surface to volume ratio (More forward reaction)
B. Exothermic = lower temperature, then shift to the right, but not all exothermic reactions will be affected by changes in temperature
C. Increase in pressure = shift to the side with less product (More forward reaction)
E. Increased volume = shift in the direction that increases the number of moles of gas, (More forward reaction)

D. Removing all moles of ammonia as it gets formed then

  1. affection in balance of reactants
  2. left side will have fewer moles of H2 and N2
  3. equilibrium can shift to reverse reaction, causing decomposition of ammonia rather than forward reaction (not creating ammonia)

Sorry for unclear explanation, but I think D would be more suitable if I’d had to pick one option.

hello! thanks for the explanation. i actually haven’t realized that when ammonia is taken out, we wont have n2 and h2 forming as well lol. I got the question, thanks!