Chemistry question please help me

I have tried to solve this question. and searched in google but I can’t understand
can you help me understand it? thank you :slight_smile:

Hello! this question confused me as well. i checked online and couldn’t find an example of cl2o3 reaction with water to give hydrogen peroxide. it should give HClO2 in my opinion. the only sensible answer would have been that it has an extra oxygen to give to hydrogen but in this case choice B has the same extra oxygen.
may i ask where did you get this question from? some sources have many mistakes in their chemistry sections

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than you for your kind reply.
I have also searched about it I cannot find clear explanation.
the question is from my private consultant in chemistry. but they also has no clear answer so I was wondering if it has error in problem . anyway your reply is so helpful thank you good day :blush:

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What is the answer? B