Chemistry_Solubility & Tonicity


S1 is hypertonic meaning it has a greater concentration.
when concentration of a solution goes up, freezing point DECREASES, boiling point INCREASES, osmotic pressure INCREASES and vapour pressure DECREASES

osmotic pressure: S1>S2
freezing point: S1S2
vapour pressure: S1<S2

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Since S1 is hypertonic does’nt that mean H20 flows from S1 into S2 creating a more concentrated solution in S2?

Water flowing from (Hypotonic) S2 into S1 (Hypertonic)

But in this question they are simply referring to the concentrations at a single point in time?

S1 is hypertonic so water will flow from S2 to S1
(flow of water is from HYPO to HYPER)
So S1 will be less concentrated and S2 more concentrated
Does this answer your question?

Yes, clarifying this - so…
S2 Boiling > S1 Boiling (S1 has a lower boiling point)
S2 Freezing < S1 Freezing (S2 has a lower freezing point temp)
S2 Osmotic Pressure > S1 Osmotic

I think this question is kind of tricky in the way it words it because one would assume water would be flowing from Hypo>Hyper making S2 more concentrated than S1

Oh now i understand what you mean, i think the question is asking about these properties before there is a flow of water
I think in the wording of the question we should assume both solutions are independent from one another, meaning in separate containers and can’t exchange flow

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I think what they are essentially asking is, if S1 is hypertonic (before water starts flowing) it is more concentrated.

It is not referring to when the solvent actually moves. Your fully correct on your initial analysis.

So easy its hard! haha