Codice fiscale by heart?


Cambridge candidate instructions say that if we have a codice fiscale we should imput it on the data sheet at the start of the exam.
Do we have to learn it by heart or can i bring a little piece of paper with it written on me?


Hi Juliette, usually you’re not allowed to bring anything with you unless the exam centre emailed you to bring a pen. They even change your mask apparently! I don’t think the codice fiscale is mandatory as it is only officialised by the tax office in Italy (they give you a card and a barcode) and since a lot of students haven’t done that, I’m sure it’s not needed. However you can still try and bring the piece of paper and tell the instructors there. Worst case is that they’ll tell you that you don’t need the code and throw it away haha!


That makes sense, thanks!