Complaints regarding your test center IMAT 2022

Hello everyone,

I kept getting many reports of cheating/disturbances in different exam centers.

I decided to create this thread to allow people to write all of their complaints, and the team and I will compile a letter to Cambridge attaching all of these complaints so we can raise the issue to Cambridge in a more ordered manner.

By commenting on this thread, you permit us to submit your comment to Cambridge using your name. Please add your full name, exam center, and signature if possible to the comment.

Please share this thread with everyone you know who had problems in their test center.



Hey(: I did my test in Nicosia. I got 25% extra time but because I was placed in the same room with everyone I didn’t have the same conditions(quite.)… At the end of the exam the woman on charge was using a loud speakers, explaining for the students who finished and also calling them to table one by one each university… Almost got my fingers into my braib trying to block the noise and focuse.

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Test center Lang LTC Warsaw,Poland. Absolutely terrible conditions and very bad organization. The first issue was very poor English skills of the examiners ( they simply could not read of the paper without issues). The second problem was that in the email they required us to arrive at 11:00 ( time of the exam was planned at 12:00), I got there at 10:30 just to make sure I was not late. After registration we were told to go into the exam room, I have sat down at my desk at 10:35. Shortly after I have realized that the room was insanely cold (no heating on). I was in a hoodie with jeans and started shivering after sitting there for about 15 minutes, at that point I started stressing and was very annoyed by the fact that it was so cold. The weather outside was good and around 19 degrees Celsius, but the building was an very old brick building and the temperature was significantly lower than outside in there. The exam started at 12:25 (25 minutes delay), this was due to their lack of English proficiency which made the instructions very slow. I have been there for 2 hours inside that freezing building before the exam and by the time I was able to start the exam my hands and lips were purple. At the end of the exam collection of papers and sticking on bar codes was very inefficient as well. I was able to leave the test center at 15:10 (almost 5 hours in a ridiculous cold building). Very unsatisfied with my exam performance due to the conditions we were in, it was impossible to do any calculations for me and questions that normally take 1min to solve took 5min because my brain just did not work because it was that cold ( constant shivers through out the whole time there). I saw other people shivering as well and unsatisfied.

Dawid Boc