Complement system / Immunology

What is complement system in immunology, could someone give brief introduction related to imat
or we don’t have to focus on this according to imat

Hey! The complement system is luckily not a part of the exam.

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oh thank god
and what to mainly focus about immune system

Just classification of different cells related to it, B cells and antibodies (primary and secondary immune response) T cells, and the area that they mature, nothing really in detail.


I have a little question Ari!

In adults the thymus turns mostly into fat, so less T lymphocytes will mature, right? Do more T lymphocytes then mature in the bone marrow?


The thymus begins to shrink after puberty and its capacity to produce immune cells gradually reduces but may not completely diminish. Also, while the majority of T-cells mature in the thymus, there have been reports of T-cell maturation in the liver and intestines.
(beyond the scope)