Concentration of solution

If we use formula M1V1 = M2V2
Do we have to multiply M2V2 by like 2(M2V2)
If we have 2 mole of NaOH why do we have multiply M2V2

hey! It’s not common to multiply it by 2, because the formula itself is M1V1=M2V2; but in the vid, Organic Chemistry Tutor multiplied by two because the problem includes a diprotic acid. So for 1 mol of H2SO4, we have 2 mol of H ions


oh, thanks!
and yeah right we don’t use 2 every time I was talking about this particular problem
And what if situation was different?
can you please give any example?

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hey! Sorry for the delay, could you explain what you mean with this?

hey ,no problem
I meant, what if there would be 3 hydrogen
Then it will be multiplied by 3?

mmmm I think so! Anyway don’t worry too much about that, triprotic acids are quite rare in the IMAT. Diprotic acids are a common trap so while you understand how to work with diprotic acids you are gonna be more than fine :ok_woman:

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Thank you so much

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