Constanzo Physiology vs Vander’s Physiology for IMAT?

Which should I study?

Vander’s will be a better choice. Constanzo is way too in-depth (so use it in medical school, but not for the IMAT)

The pages from my study planner are also enough by the way.

But how come Vander’s have more pages than Constanzo(707 vs 528)?

Sometimes longer books use more words to give more examples and simplify different concepts, while Constanzo relies heavily on background knowledge.

Oh, thank.Also, what’s your opinion on AS-level biology and A2-level biology as reviews books in the last stage?

Pearson’s from my study planner covers everything. I remember checking other books back in 2019 and couldn’t find anything that matched it. While physiology is essential and complex on the IMAT, it’s going deeper than the superficial level you can find in many books, so just find a book that you like the writing style of.

Got it. Thanks. Which should I use for IMAT biology section? Pearson Biology vs IB course books? And why?
Pearson Biology: A Global Approach
by Neil A. Campbell (Author)

For the IB Diploma – IB course books

Pearson’s Higher Level Chemistry book Vs Oxford IB Study guide: Chemistry for the IB Diploma for IMAT chemistry? And why?

This one, but in my study planner we use the 11th edition, which should also be much more affordable because it’s an older edition:

What about chemistry

Why dou you suggest Physics for Dummies by Steven Holzner? There’s few questions to practice.

And what’s Baron’s Physics for level 1 that you mentioned in this Reddit comment? Can you provide a link or full name?

Physics for Dummies is great simplifying the concepts. For the SAT:

What does level 1 mean in your Reddit comment? And what’s your opinion on A-Level Physics: AQA Year 1 & 2 Complete Revision & Practice
? I wanna use it to replace Physics for Dummies

What’s the full name of Math for Dummies by Mary Jane Sterling that you recommended in thia article? IMAT Books for 2023: The Best Ones to Prepare With