Critical thinking can someone explain this to me?

how do i get to that conclusion ?
I’m clueless about this one


You have to assume that they all drink tea once per day
5 weeks =35 days
5 packets = 35(x+1) spoons
6 packets = 35(x+2) spoons

5p=35(x+1) so p=7x+7


So 4 people were at the home before the grandmother arrived


ty for the help , English is not my first langue’s so i had a bit of a hard time to understand the logical math behind it and how to infer it :joy:

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what does the X represent and what does the 1/2 represent ?

x is the number of people originally in the home
each time we make tea we add x spoons (one for each person) + 1 for the cup
Once the grandmother arrived we have to add x + 1 for the cup + 1 for the grandmother = x+2

What do you mean by 1/2?

thank you i got it now completely 1/2 means X+1 AND X+2

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