Critical thinking

Lenton Cars hire out cars at a cost of £50.00 per day if the number of miles travelled is less than 80. There is an extra charge of £1.00 for every mile travelled over 80 miles. Dunford Hire charge £60.00 per day for taking the car out and then 50 p for every mile travelled.
For how many miles travelled would the cost of hiring a car be the same for both hire companies?
A 100
B 130
C 140
D 170
E 180

How to solve such type of questions?

I think these type of questions start with putting x as for how many miles both cars had travelled.

Since Lenton Cars have two policies regards of charging, when

  1. You travelled less or equal as 80 miles and
  2. You travelled more than 80 miles,
    You should think about two possibilities.

Again, put x as travelled miles and make a linear equation stating that
(Lenton Car Charge) = (Dunford Hire Charge),
then solve for x.

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