Daily dose of logic 12

hey, even though this sounds too easy but it just doesn’t make any sense
see, even if we had 5 of 19p and 1 of 7p and 1 of 12P as the question says we must have at least one of each then one must be an worthless coupon…which gives us total 7 coupon
the overall calculation would be 95 p (4*19 +12 +7 =95)
what am I missing here ?

Hey! It says his friend owns at least one of the three coupons each so 19+12+17=38 and remaining money would be 62p. So if we assume the combination 19+19+12+12+19+12+7 we would get 7 coupons and total of 100p. From there, we can get the answer that his friend would have three 19p coupons .

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thank you, but how did you decide such an assumption would be correct at the first place

I tried substituting the numbers to fit the given criteria but if it doesn’t help, I normally try to substitute each options to see which one would result in the correct answer😅

Oh,alright, thank you

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